How-To: Cooking At Camp

One of the most awesome experiences when camping is eating camp food! Camp food is more than s’mores. If you do the right preparation, camping provides an opportunity to make delicious camp-oriented meals that you wouldn’t otherwise make at home. In this post we will share with you some tips on how to cook for camp.

First of all, you should gather your equipment. Perhaps the most essential equipment you should have is a food cooler. Before packing your cooler, it’s a good idea to freeze your camp food so that it will last longer for your trip. If your camp site doesn’t have a stove, you’ll need to bring one. Many backpackers bring single standing stoves that take very little luggage space. If you have the space, a double stove would be better because you can cook more than one thing at the same time. As far as cooking tools go, it’s a good idea to bring a pressure cooker rather than a regular pot. The best pressure cookers are more durable and cooks food much faster because the lid is locked tight. They’re perfect for camping because you can ensure that food cooks through properly and they achieve a better flavour. For something affordable and works well for camping, see this Presto pressure cooker review. If you bring a pressure cooker, you can make any hot meal really easily.

Food preparation is one of the most important advice we would give you. You should cut as many ingredients as you can and pre-cook as many things as you can at home so that when you reach the camp site with minimal resources, you’re just assembling things together. You should also eat the things that will expire faster at the beginning of your trip.

Pack most of your food in Ziplock bags if you can. They won’t break, won’t leak, and can be reused. You should also bring aluminum foil because they’re great for cooking over the stove.

For breakfast, your menu could include things like oatmeal, fruit, pancakes, and omelette. For pancakes you can use instant milk powder. For omelettes you can include ingredients like sausages and mushroom. You can definitely pre-cut these at home.

For lunch, you can make sandwiches and pizza. Campfire pizza is the best! The easiest way to make pizza is to just replace the pizza dough with pita bread.

For dinner, we recommend cooking with your pressure cooker. Make stews, soups, rice, beans, chili, etc. If you bring vegetables and meats, make sure you cut them up at home. Then just pop everything into your cooker.

Other than s’mores, some tasty snacks that you can try include turnovers (use store-bought dough and wrap fruit in them) and orange muffins. To make orange muffins, take hollowed orange peels and fill them with muffin batter. Then place them over the campfire to cook.

Cooking at camp allows you to be creative. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes and things to cook with limited resources!

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