Cape Breton Feel the Ocean and Feel Free

"We waited down beside the glen, where the rabbits and the deer Peeped through the birch and spruces, and shyly watched us there; We hear the sleigh-bells jingle, and understand the code - They're coming to Neil's Harbour along the Cape North Road. " by Lillian Crewe Walsh

Hiking Trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Hiking TrailsThere are 26 different hiking trails in the Highlands National Park on Cape Breton Island so it is little surprise it is such a popular destination for vacations with those who enjoy hiking. Many Americans visit Nova Scotia and particularly Cape Breton time and time again as there is always something new to discover. With breathtaking views and unspoilt scenery Cape Breton Island is the perfect destination for couples and families alike.

Lobster Fishing In Cape Breton Island

Lobster FishingMany people will need to think about how they can get started in a lobster fishing career off of Cape Breton island. This fishing practice has been one of the most popular in the area for years now. It has actually become a major factor in the local economy of the island, providing everyone with the income that they need. Some new residents will likely want to find jobs related to this practice. This can be a rewarding career that will help people get the lifestyle that they want to attain going forward. Most people will appreciate some of the different types of sources that they can secure during this process.

When looking for the right kind of lobster fishing off of Cape Breton island, most people will want to review the techniques that are used. Lobster pots are one of the most commonly used devices that can draw in these lobsters. This is owing to the fact that they can simply be dropped down to the surface floor under the water. Most people will appreciate that they can secure the right kind of lobster fishing that they need when they want to use these pots. There are supply stores in the area that can give people the equipment that they need going forward as well.

Nova Scotia divorce laws

Divorce LawThe Canadian parliamentary government has a federally enacted law called the Divorce Act, which applies wholly throughout the provinces. Until 1968, there were no uniformed divorce laws, only what each Canadian province enforced. Now, with the Divorce Act, no matter which territory or province you reside in, your divorce will be judged via this Act. There are other sections of the law that can apply depending on the province you live in, like Nova Scotia’s Matrimonial Property Act. The Matrimonial Property Act is a Nova Scotia divorce law, which sets out the rules for fair distribution of properties. The Act embodies the principle that all property and debts acquired by spouses during their union, are to be divided equally.

The Nova Scotia divorce laws under the Divorce Act, requires that there exist three specific grounds for divorce:

o mental or physical cruelty

o adultery

o 1 year separation

Barristers find it easier to base a Canadian divorce on the grounds of the 1 year separation, only because the other two are difficult to prove and it results in a more time consuming expense. However, the Nova Scotia divorce laws, allows for adultery and the 1 year separation rule to stand as an immediate divorce filing. For a one year separation, couples do not need to wait a year to file for divorce, proceedings can begin after the couples separate, but the final dissolution can’t be completed until 1 year has passed.

The legal system in Nova Scotia Canada allows for a do it yourself divorce, but the complicated court system looks at the support, custody, debt division, et. al, concerns that are best handled by experienced and licensed lawyers. The Nova Scotia court system that hears the family law divorce issues, is the Supreme Court, Family Division. There are many caring lawyers within Nova Scotia, from Amherst to Yarmouth, that will help you settle on a stress free agreement. Filing for divorce in Nova Scotia, does not require that you be a citizen, just a resident for at least a year.

The family law team of Boyne Clark, LLP in Nova Scotia, provides a free consultation to go over your divorce case, so that the right decision and choices can be made for you. They provide varied choices that best suits your desired outcome, which includes mediation, collaborative negotiations, arbitration, minimum legal involvement, or the adversarial approach.

The law firm of McGinty, Doucet, and Walker are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their lawyers are expert in the field of family law, where they have used their legal skills to successfully serve individuals and families involved in the minutia of divorce. Their excellent legal will direct your path to a satisfactory resolution or their litigation experience will help to settle divorce negotiations quickly and affordable.

The experienced and compassionate law firm of Kimball Brogan, serves all of Nova Scotia. They understand the trauma that a divorce can bring upon individuals and families. They provide extensive knowledge in their free first visit consultation. They represent clients in all aspects of divorce, including spousal and child support, property divisions, and much more.

A Divorce Order is granted when a divorce date has been set and is signed by a Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice. A Corollary Relief Order is also signed by the Justice of the Supreme Court, which deals with children issues, spousal maintenance and joint assets. The finalization of a divorce is granted through the issuance of a Certificate of Divorce.

The Government of Canada has recently granted a financial contribution to Nova Scotia. to design and develop a specialized family justice system, that will better address the needs of families experiencing stress and conflict as it relates to separation and divorce. Granted that divorce rates are declining throughout Canada, including Nova Scotia, by 22% in the last five years, individuals and families continue to need support and direction after a divorce. There are many lawyers and support groups which are available throughout Nova Scotia’s cities and towns.

Sport Fishing in Cape Breton

Sport FishingCatching fish is very exhilarating and for some people, the catch feels even better than eating it! The thrill of baiting, waiting, and feeling the fish struggle is something truly inexplicable. Love for fishing has became so prevalent that people took up fishing as a sport. Sport fishing is a great way to travel the world as you search for your favorite fish. Cape Breton is one such place that is a darling among sport fishing die-hards. For them, the island provides the fish, scenic views and great weather in one alluring package.

There are many kinds of sport fishing that can be done in Cape Breton, but the most popular is fly fishing. Fly fishing is an age old angling technique that involves the use of an artificial fly to catch fish.

Cape Breton island is a beautiful fly fishing destination thanks to water bodies around it. One such body is the magnificent Margaree river. This is considered an anglers paradise thanks to myriad ponds where the fisherman can have fun all day long.

This river boasts two fishing seasons; early summer run from June 21st annually and the fly only season that ends on October 31.

If you love sport fishing and are in the picturesque area of Cape Breton, you will need an accomplished guide like Ed Woodsworth to show the perfect sport fishing spots.

He can show you where to catch a species like Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon range in size from fifteen to a whopping forty pounds. This definitely makes Cape Breton a dream destination for sport fishers as there are few places one can possibly catch such big fish!

Cape Breton is also ideal for trout fishing and the afternoon is good time to catch some lovely rainbow trout along the Margaree river. Besides this river, there are numerous places to catch trout in Cape Breton like the Victoria bridge walk. The island has many rivers and brooks where one can catch fish. Cape Breton also boasts deep waters where the more experienced fishermen can go.

The Middle and Baddeck rivers are open for rainbow trout fishing until the end of October. Ed Woodsworth can help you find salmon and trout further in the south and west rivers. These are ideal destinations to catch some good fish.

Some people who come for sport fishing in Cape Breton are only interested in the catch but not the meat. According to pros, if you plan on releasing your catch, it is best to squeeze down the barb on your hooks. This makes it easier to remove hooks from the fish.

There are certain rules on sport fishing in Cape Breton and one among them is that all salmon flies ought to be barb less in the fall.

If you love to catch some big fish and cannot find the perfect location, the abundance at Cape Breton will awe you. There is everything you need for a god time sport fishing and when you are too tired to go on, there are myriad places to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery. True to word, Cape Breton is an angler’s paradise and with amazing guides like Ed Woodsworth, it is pure heaven!

Yachts In Nova Scotia

YachtsYachting has become increasingly popular over the past few years, owing to the fact that the sport offers an incredible amount of excitement. Anyone interested in trying out this sport will likely want to understand a little more about how yachts work. There are some premier manufacturers of these boats operating in the Nova Scotia area. This is an appealing choice for those people who want to learn more information about what is available to them. Boat owners should try to narrow down their search to just those companies that put a lot of work in to the design and manufacture of yachts.

When consumers first look in to whether they can purchase these models, they will likely want to find out more information about the different features available to people. These yachts will be made to fit in to a specific mold, which will typically appeal to many buyers out there. Consumers should request a layout of these models to help guide their decision going forward. This is a valuable consideration for most people to keep in mind going forward. Nearly everyone will want to also compare some of the amenities that they will find and understand some of the basics of the program itself.

These yachts will typically be made according to an incredibly precise design. Some owners who want to buy these yachts will undoubtedly want to think about finding the best model. Nearly everyone will need to consider how they can work with a service professional who clearly has an eye for design. Some of these yacht designs are so precise, that they are better compared to the Swiss designs behind the Rolex brand of watches . Just as those Rolex watch time pieces feature some incredibly precise components, people everywhere will want to understand that yachts feature the same thing.

It will be important for some people to think about how they can work with a service professional in the area soon. They should try to locate a team that has cultivated a reputation for offering some of the highest quality yachts that people can find. Some buyers may want to look through consumer reviews when they check out some of these different types of brands going forward. This will give them the opportunity to consider how other customers have actually enjoyed these models. It will be helpful for many boat owners to think about how they can work with a service team operating in their area soon.

Finally, many people will be impressed by the full array of choices that they have during this process. They should try to decide on a price range that they have for this purchase. These days, yachts will actually come in a full range of different types of prices. This will be a valuable consideration for many people to keep in mind, because it will actually enable buyers to search out the best overall yachts that they can find in the area. Owners should try to remember that these yachts in Nova Scotia are frequently priced by the length, but additional luxury features may be included.

Boating in Nova Scotia

BoatingNova Scotia is a popular place for boating since always as it contains ample amount of lakes and locations for best boating experience. The Atlantic coast shoreline in Nova Scotia runs simultaneously with the Scotian Shelf offshore. Boaters who tend to cruise in the coast on the southwest course, they first reach Guysborough County via the Canso strait if they are coming from the strait of Northumberland. Those people who are coming from the location Cape Breton tend to cross the Chedabucto Bay. The Guysborough town has a great waterfront with a great opportunity for the boaters to have a great time.

Boaters who come to the Guysborough Harbour will have to pass the Bolyston Bridge and this is why navigational charts are used. By heading the west of the eastern shore, boaters will then see the historic and the ancient fishing town of the Canso.

On the west side of Canso there is St. Mary’s River that is the largest river in Nova Scotia and also home to the Village of Sherbrooke. Further to the west, there Is a coastline that heads to various sand beaches at the Clam Harbour, Rainbow Haven and Lawrencetown. The Martinique beach at the Musquodobit Harbour is the longest sand beach of Nova Scotia.

Although Nova Scotia is a great place for boating, you will have to protect your skin from the wind, salty air and the sun. it is very necessary to protect the skin from these things or else there is a risk of getting a skin mole. Skin moles are a great danger to all the people. The sun is hot on the water and this is why it is important for you to apply a sunscreen whenever you are out for boating in Nova Scotia. It is a known fact that the UV rays of the sun have a great danger on the skin. Skin cancer is amongst the biggest killers in the entire world and in some countries it is one of the diseases that claims majority of the victims. Nova scotia is also one place where Skin moles occur on the skin if you do not protect the skin from the salty air or the wind or the sun while on boating. The attractive harbors are good for boating but the climate is not good for the skin if you do not protect it. If moles appear on your skin, then you have to great attention to the dangerous signs of skin cancer. Moles are fragile in the sun and it starts changing when it is exposed in the sun.

When the skin moles start altering their shape and seem irregular then it is a dangerous sign. Moreover, if dark outline is created around the surrounding, then you have to get it checked.

These signs can get more dangerous if you ignore the importance of sunscreen when going on boating in Nova Scotia. It is a great city for boating as it has some of the finest harbors in the entire world. However, protection of your skin is even necessary along with the fun you have at Nova Scotia.

Trout Fishing in Cape Breton

Trout FishingCape Breton has a history of fishing that is rich and storied. The backbone of the area is the many types of rivers and pools where anglers can fish all day. Many fisherman who come to this area will see there is the beauty of nature and numerous fishing opportunities. Trout is a common fish that is caught found at most fishing destinations. Fly fishing is one method that is used when trout fishing is preferred.

One of the most frequented areas for trout fishing is the Margaree River. The pools of trout in this river and places to relax are the closest thing to an angler’s paradise. This place is a good area to have a good time with friends out on a fishing adventure. There are two fishing seasons on the Maragaree. One is in the early summer and runs from June 1st to October 31st. The other is in the fall and will start in the mid to latter part of September and into most of October. If fly fishing is preferred, then make sure to plan a visit to the area during the summer season.

Visitors to Cape Breton may want to have an experienced guide who can offer instruction and various tips for trout fishing. If fishermen are advanced, then they may choose to hire a guide who will take them to all the best pools and offer needed tips. The daily fee for a river guide will often be between $125 and $150.

Anglers who come to Cape Breton can find many shops that have various equipment and supplies used for trout fishing. One option is to visit The Normaway-Maragee Valley to find fishing gear and various guides available for groups of fishermen. Another shop is The Eagle-Roost Margaree. A fisherman can also go to the Strathdee’s Fly shop to obtain flies and any needed equipment.

One of the best places for trout fishing is the Old Miller Trout Farm U-Fish at Margaree Forks. Most people will find this licensed operation a great opportunity to fish for Speckled Trout and for Rainbow Trout. The biggest benefit is not needing a license to reel in a catch. However, fishermen will find they need to bring their own equipment.

Fly fishing for trout will require using the right equipment. This will include a fly rod, a reel, and type of line. Many people can get by with a set of waders, polarized sunglasses, and a box of flies. Most of the novices who take up fly fishing will often have a large amount of gear. However, a box of flies and a rod are all that is needed when basic gear is kept in a vest.

Knowing the proper techniques when fly fishing will typically produce the best results. If a novice has little experience, then hiring a guide may be a good idea. The most important aspect to know about fly fishing is how to cast the fly rod. The next step after mastering the cast is to choose the best type of fly.

Cape Breton University is the top educational institution for international students in Canada

Cape Breton UniversityThinking about attending a university abroad or taking an online course that has a foreign touch? There are many universities worldwide that offer excellent education in different fields, but there’s only a few that stand out from the rest, such is the case of Cape Breton University located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Nova Scotia is a province in Canada with a population of almost one million people. This province is surrounded by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Bay of Fundy, Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. It contains 18 counties of beautiful panoramas that are known to house very welcoming residents. And although the official language is English, you’ll be able to overhear, every now and then, people conversing in different languages, such as French, Italian and Spanish. It’s a very ethnically diverse place to be at, which is always a good thing. This is one of the reasons why every year thousands and thousands of tourists and prospective university students visit this lovely province.

Commonly, the prospective students who travel to Nova Scotia always tend to visit Cape Breton University, because it’s one of the top campuses in Canada and one of the first universities that was constructed in this nation. CBU offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of Business, Professional Studies, Liberal Arts, Science and Technology. Requirements for admission are not as strict as other colleges and universities, so if you obtained good grades in high school, your rate of being accepted as a student is pretty high.

Compared to other educational institutions, the tuition in Cape Breton University is quite affordable. For undergraduate international students, the cost of six credits is only $1,295.00 CAD! To make things more extraordinary, financial aid is available for students who qualify! When you apply for this university, there might be a possibility, depending on your high school grades, of obtaining a scholarship! How nice is that?

Cape Breton University has very attentive staff that would gladly help you familiarize yourself with the school by giving you a tour of the campus. You’ll even be able to sit in a classroom and see how classes are conducted and hear how student interact with their professors and one another. This is a very wonderful opportunity for anybody interested in furthering their education at CBU.

For those who prefer to learn at home, CBU’s online education allows anybody to live and learn. Their online form of study is of the same quality as the one taken on campus. You’ll obtain the same rules as the students who attend regular classrooms. Plus, later on in life if you ever decide to attend Cape Breton University in person, you’ll be able to transfer right away!

Cape Breton University houses more than 1000 International students from 32 different nations! Whenever you obtain the degree that you worked so hard for at CBU, you can rest assured that it will be recognized nationally and internationally by any employer. This prestigious university is always welcoming any high school graduate or any adult that wants to progress in life by attaining a superior education that will last a lifetime!